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Report: Red Kite Enduro Rd 4 at Coed Trallwm

It was a typical August weekend of racing. torrential rain, high winds and ankle deep mud. The fourth round of the Red Kite Enduro honestly couldn’t have had worse conditions!
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2015 Trans Savoie days 1, 2 and 3

Shoot us down in you don't agree - but big mountain stage races like Trans Provence and Trans Savoie look like the most fun you can have racing a bike.

One-Up Components Chainguide

One-Up Components have forged a path upgrading our drivetrains, it seems like only yesterday we were bodging double rings and 1x10 was just ...

Monet Rose Adams – shit luck and broken bones

Monet Adams battled a mountain of bad luck to get into the start gate this year ... and the bad luck just kept coming. Here's her story of the season that just wasn't meant to be.
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